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The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) came into force in 2018 and from 1 April 2020, ALL residential rental properties with existing tenants in place must have a minimum Energy Performance Rating (EPC) of E or above...eek!

So what if my property is rated F or below?? Well as the landlord, you must pay out to make it more energy-efficient! 

However, if the cost of improving the property to band E and above is greater than £3,500, you can register an exemption for 5 years, but you still need to do what you can up to the value of £3500.  

Additionally, exemptions are assigned to the landlord rather than the property, so if you purchase a new property that has been registered as exempt, it will still need to be re-registered under your name.  

You can register for an exemption here: